Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's Turn?

Your turn-

You waited so long to speak-
you doubt, and so your voice sounds meek.
Should have listened and noticed its existence-
Now I'm baffled by its presence.
Withholding words cause of hesitation-
leaves me despising your lips indecison.

In turn-

My words seem to trip over my lip-
you seem uninterested in my tongues struggled slip.
I've become scared of my most loyal lover:
While you hide in bed with yours:

My turn-

I can only imagine in words-poetry-verbs. 
Knowing poetry isn't your preference-
only because it is too welcomed by what you have protected. 
I want to wake your imagination-
instead I'm left thinking you're far too complicated.
Now - - I want attention. 


Danielle said...

I would give you attention, but I'm still waiting for you to come and help me.


Alicia said...

Chels--you are really blossoming into a great poet. This is your best yet. I love you.