Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun Lists

Who/What NOT to take Seriously:

*Anyone who still wears a scrunchy.

*Robinson humor. Especially in our blogs. Don't beat yourself up, we mean well. Janet.

*Any of the Fast and the Furious movies. That includes Paul Walker himself.

*Orem/Provo ideologies or traditions.

*Anyone who text messages over 25,000 texts a month.

*Women's college basketball coaching staffs.

*Sports Authority's BigFoot competition and all that boo shit.

*The "For Sale" sign in my parents front yard. They're not going anywhere. No worries.

*Danielle Swopes.

Some of my current favorite things:

*Down sizing from the 7 Eleven "Big Gulp" to just the "Gulp". My own version of dieting.

*Phase 10 with my Jack Jack and Mighty Mouse.

*Taylorsville High School's faculty. (They still remember every embarrassing thing about me)

*Tempting text messages. I'm a Robinson girl... it's in my blood.

*Melba's bag of assorted candies!

*Nights out with Gooey.

*Beef Sticks and boarding with Foote. That includes her hilarious text messages. All-time favorites.

*Phone calls with Kimmy McMillin.

*Tanning, even if the staff at my salon ranges from 17 year old mega hoe's to arab men with gold chains. I'm currently looking for a new salon, it's just so hard to part with their bulbs there. Decisions! I hate them.

*Advice from a wise older sister, while making a sonic run and doing drive by's of ex-boyfriend's houses. Real immature... we know, and don't care.

*Kristin B. Lyons humor and her sexual interpretations & theory on people and about life.

*Karebear's stash of homemade cookies she left me before ditching me for another daughter's company.

*The food network and H.O.U.S.E. with Hollie Hansen.

Things I sorta miss:

*Working with my Jack Jack.

*Indiana/Kentucky life.

*Kat close.

*Queen size bed and all its visitors. Get your mind outta the gutter, not those kind of visitors.

*Talks with Kayla about anything and everything.

*My athletic ability.

*Brentano 309.

*Hanging out with Boo Bear every single day.

*No Doubt. Get back together already.

*Good saturday morning cartoons. I'm not impressed with the new stuff. Where did all the violence go?

*Music videos on MTV.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Settled in.

I am starting to find an interesting trend in making life changes. I tend to move around a lot, change jobs, or find new circles of friends to spend my time with. This might just be my personality, or maybe just an addiction I have that helps me to not get too comfortable or attached. Funny thing is, I always get comfortable and attached. I fail miserably. My own personal opinion is that I might have social A.D.D., KIMMY is that even a legit diagnosis? What I mean by that is, I enjoy a variety of people or scenes, and become incredibly uncomfortable if I don't get my freedom. Change has been made and it's been extremely satisfying.

A good example of this is my college career. I went to four different colleges, who does that, especially if they still don't have their bachelors degree?...April baby, I finally get that degree we all thought would never come. Why did I change colleges so freaking much... because I got bored, felt trapped, overwhelmed by commitment and kicked off basketball teams! Yes, once it wasn't my choice to leave ha ha ha, but an extremely entertaining experience. My trend has been noticed by close ones and brought to my attention on many occasions. One of my best friends, who I have nicknamed Worm for certain personality characteristics that have been proven wrong over the years, says that I play muscial chairs with my friends. Never getting too close or comfortable with a certain friend, or just loving to feel popular is probably her biggest argument. These are both true statements. I love people, attention and whatever else comes along with having random friends. Another close friend says to me the other night, "You hide your emotions with humor and laughs to avoid getting serious or attached, but there is a deeper side to you that only few get to know." Now I don't know if that's all true, but I do tend to avoid my feelings by laughing at them to down play their significance. In the last couple months I broke these personality traits and got royally screwed by showing emotion and getting too close to friends. Why should anyone ever get attached or be emotionally honest if nearly no one is trustworthy? Moral to this story is, change your friends and change your location, but don't change who you are. Hide behind humor and laugh your ass off with a bunch of friends instead of just a few. :)

One thing I have noticed with all my moves and changes, is that you always seem to find the right types of people to help you get situated and comfy in your new environment. Almost like it is destiny you meet these people at this exact point in your life. You are practically spoon fed answers to all your questions about yourself through these people. It could quite possibly be human instinct to seek out or rekindle friendships with the people you wish you could have been in your lastest life chapter. They teach you new qualities and views on life that are priceless and absolutely what you need to survive another day. I've been blessed to have found one or two new/old friends that have helped me along the way and given me new qualities to adopt as my own. We all eventually want to be our better "self" and develope ourselves for the next chapter and relationships in our lives. Being genuine and honest are qualities that are hard to come by. I'm so glad I've found and have had people close who are perfect definitions of these traits.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally unpacked... Miracle on Williamsburg Circle.

It's been about three weeks since I made the move back home to Howie and Karebear's stack of bricks. I hadn't unpacked one box until today, Sunday February 8, 2009. I've just been living out of suitcase that included a couple outfits, work clothes, bathroom supplies and of course my most recent read, Middle Sex. Sometimes it helps to avoid reality that way, by acting like you are on a vacation. It's true though, I'm back at the parents. It's actually been a lot of fun living at home and seeing new and old friends. Many advantages come from living in the City of Salt, for example the drive from Salt Lake to Orem in the middle of the night no longer has to be made, which gives me a higher percentage rate for living through 2009, and for that I am thankful. And I no longer have to choose from three places to eat lunch, VARIETY!!! I've missed good Mexican food and normal people.

As most of you have read, I've been attempting to play a little ball the past couple weeks. For those of you who know me best, I know it's an awful idea. Be ready on the other end of the phone to hear me vent through all my past experiences and how basketball has not only destroyed my sanity, but quite possibly ruined my life. Anyways... My rec team is still the shit. We are untouchable and incredibly humble, as you can see. This past week we played the shim's (she-him) team, Jerry or I mean Carey. We came out with another dub. I actually scored this game, so my confidence is coming back one game at a time, which is helping my sanity.

This is not the end of my basketball week though. My Sports Authority partner in crime Jack Jack made me join her in a sisterly game of church basketball up at the U of U institute building. In my 16 or some odd years of playing organized basketball, I have never been so physically abused. I was informed by our team captain that the team we were playing had not lost a game in three years and that they had been rubbing it in all the wards faces. This was disheartening to hear, being that we are all children of God and that shit talking should not be aloud in church basketball, just doesn't seem kosher or Christian. So I felt it was Jack Jack's and my job to humble their ass's. We came back from their nine point lead at half time and beat them by nine. This was not pleasing to the other team, probably because they know we aren't in the girls ward we are playing with, and we totally pulled the "we're investigators of the church" card to allow us to play a little hoop. Cheating? Maybe. With about a minute left, this relief society looking skank charged at me closed fisted and angry and ends up jacking me in my lip, leaving me with a bruised face and a lip that was split open deep enough for stitches... too bad I don't have insurance or teeth. I will forever look funny. I learned my lesson once again, and that is, humbling people can be dangerous and painful, so just leave it to God or karma.

Since I've been home, getting up to The Canyons or The Bird to snowboard has been easier, and travel time has been cut in half. This past week THE FOOTE and I had some great experiences up on our favorite run 9990. This Friday there was a fresh bowl of pow up to our knees. MIRACLES do happen! We haven't had fresh snow in weeks. We were like kids in a candy shop, or pervs at a elementary school playground. Ducking the rope is a risk always taken when the powder is fresh and untouched. Although we have been a little freaked out since the week prior to this amazing snow fall, we were actually caught by ski patrol and smacked on the wrist for not making the 13 minute hike that is required for backcountry riders. Meh... whatever. We're addicts, we'll do what we have to to get what we want. Other than the fact that FOOTE did an unintentional flip and I almost got stabbed in the chest by a branch that was convinently as sharp as a spear and aiming for my heart. We were safe and will live to ride another day.