Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun Lists

Who/What NOT to take Seriously:

*Anyone who still wears a scrunchy.

*Robinson humor. Especially in our blogs. Don't beat yourself up, we mean well. Janet.

*Any of the Fast and the Furious movies. That includes Paul Walker himself.

*Orem/Provo ideologies or traditions.

*Anyone who text messages over 25,000 texts a month.

*Women's college basketball coaching staffs.

*Sports Authority's BigFoot competition and all that boo shit.

*The "For Sale" sign in my parents front yard. They're not going anywhere. No worries.

*Danielle Swopes.

Some of my current favorite things:

*Down sizing from the 7 Eleven "Big Gulp" to just the "Gulp". My own version of dieting.

*Phase 10 with my Jack Jack and Mighty Mouse.

*Taylorsville High School's faculty. (They still remember every embarrassing thing about me)

*Tempting text messages. I'm a Robinson girl... it's in my blood.

*Melba's bag of assorted candies!

*Nights out with Gooey.

*Beef Sticks and boarding with Foote. That includes her hilarious text messages. All-time favorites.

*Phone calls with Kimmy McMillin.

*Tanning, even if the staff at my salon ranges from 17 year old mega hoe's to arab men with gold chains. I'm currently looking for a new salon, it's just so hard to part with their bulbs there. Decisions! I hate them.

*Advice from a wise older sister, while making a sonic run and doing drive by's of ex-boyfriend's houses. Real immature... we know, and don't care.

*Kristin B. Lyons humor and her sexual interpretations & theory on people and about life.

*Karebear's stash of homemade cookies she left me before ditching me for another daughter's company.

*The food network and H.O.U.S.E. with Hollie Hansen.

Things I sorta miss:

*Working with my Jack Jack.

*Indiana/Kentucky life.

*Kat close.

*Queen size bed and all its visitors. Get your mind outta the gutter, not those kind of visitors.

*Talks with Kayla about anything and everything.

*My athletic ability.

*Brentano 309.

*Hanging out with Boo Bear every single day.

*No Doubt. Get back together already.

*Good saturday morning cartoons. I'm not impressed with the new stuff. Where did all the violence go?

*Music videos on MTV.


Danielle said...


Swopes said...

Your blog is horse shit..... you'll take me seriously when i pimp slap your bitch ass. Your next blog better say nothing but sweet nothings about me.

Anonymous said...

Chels! I love you and miss you. Just a week and a half left of slave work and then I'm free to live a life again. Can't wait to hit the slopes with you and look bad ass in your boarding gear :P

Alicia said...

I love lists. I'm sure there's something to this love... I just can't comprehend what. Maybe I'm constantly trying to make my life like shopping--simplifying? Don't know. Don't care.

Erin and James said...

bahhaha. you are sooo freakin hillarious! why am i not on the things your sorta miss! and i love your version of dieting and i think im going to start tanning to catch up with you!