Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Night Out with the Girls and John.

Does John Mayer know what he looks like when he sings? Cause I do. Not pretty.

Yesterday started out just like any other day in the City of Salt. Wake up, initial thoughts, 1. When can I go back to bed again, 2. What should I eat today, and 3. Morning routine. This day was different though, being that I was with some of my girls and we spent the entire day entertaining and shootin' the shit together. We definitely stuffed our faces first and then saw the new Batman thrill, Dark Knight. I'm not gonna lie. I was extremely bothered. I don't know if it's this new philosophy class I am taking or the fact that I'm just starting to realize how much we don't think for ourselves in our culture, but why is it that as a society we can't accept the joker? This is because he paints his face and is what one might say, crazy as a shit house rat... but on the other hand we cheer on, support and are perfectly okay with the fact that a man dresses up like a Bat, has Daddy and Mommy issues, and has multiple personalities? That right there just goes to show how absolutely absurd our thought patterns can be. Both characters are absolutely insane and I'd go as far to say they believe halloween is everyday of the year. Can that shit be treated? 

Anyways... continuing the outline of my day. After the movie, we were influenced to go to a concert with friends. This was the John Mayer and Colbie (boring ass) Caillat concert. Not gonna lie, not a huge fan of either, but in this world of pleasing everyone but yourself, I took one for the team and went. $31.00 dollars I will never get over spending, in this lifetime or the next. 

We arrive and pop-a-squat on the grass to enjoy ourselves and the trendy music we can't even hear over the mass of people screaming the lyrics. Now to add to the literary effect of my blog you have to understand the group of people I am with. If you only knew my roster of friends, you would be absolutely jealous that you could not be part of this evening. I had some of my all-stars with me that night. Most random, funny and unique bunch I've thrown together yet. My friend, who does not live in Salt lake City and who will be mentioned as T.R.E. or 503 girl, actually said, "If you were to measure on a scale of 1-10 how jealous I am right now, I am a 13. I am spitting jealousy". Hopefully you can imagine how entertaining and fun this bundle of girls is from her statement alone. 

So back to the concert, we are enjoying ourselves and before we know it we are surrounded by some questionable individuals that some of us know from work or what we are going to call "play". Now we all have pasts and they seem to have the ability to haunt us. Most of our pasts are haunting because of the people who were in them. That is why when people tell me not to burn bridges, I respond saying, "Burn! I plan to blow that shit up." Why hold on to ties with people who are incapable of not pissing me off? Exactly. No reason. Then there are people who only know of our past or have seen us in our element in the past. These people, especially when under the influence of alcohol, love to bring up our past and insist on NOT using the 12 inch whisper rule, but are at megaphone status and screaming that information and trash for everyone to hear. One of my friends was the victim to this constant struggle of trying to burry her past and getting recognized and put on blast in front of hundreds of strangers. Absolutely entertaining, but oddly enough, not many of us our fans of losing face in public, but how fun is it to witness someone else being the victim of it!?!?! Although funny and humorous to my friends and I, immediate action was taken place to shut up the drunken accuser. That's what friends are for, to laugh at you for your misfortunes and embarrassments and then get pist and even with whoever made you embarrassed. It's a contradiction and a tornado of bipolar emotions, but instinct and complete normalcy to women. 

So getting to my point, it is so true that to every action there is a reaction. And we constantly are advertising who we are by our appearance, language, the people, situations and environments we use and put ourselves in. Our pasts are impossible to hide and our identity is exposed, sometimes at the most awkward of moments, for example the shitty concert. We do have choice to be who we are everyday, even if we can't burry what we were. I guess what I'm trying to say is people will throw us in categories because of our appearance and actions. The slightest thing about us that can be stereotyped is magnified and ends up defining who we are to the ignorant onlooker. So maybe we should do our hair differently, take out our piercing's, cover-up our tattoo's, stop talking like a sailor, change our style, make new friends or most importantly not go to club "Sound". Or maybe we should just sit back and laugh off false judgement or accusations. Life is too short to be embarrassed or worry about what other people think. Be "you". Unless "you" smell or have bad breath. Then you should be judged. Sorry.


Slim said...

Chelsey and I love it.
How funny! This is my favrite, but maybe because I can relate in every way. You failed to mention the model searches, passing up perkins cause she wasnt tall enough..bahaha.
Well we love it. especially the last paragraph.. keep it up!
-Slim Shady.

(yes I used a Code Name for my own and everyone else's protection.)

Krillion15 said...

I have to agree that this blog is by far, one of my favorites. Having fallen into one--in my case multiple--situations stated before, I can relate to the things you wrote. It's almost sick to say, but sometimes I think Hitler had the right idea.....and with that, I'm going to end this comment, fore I might be going to jail having just said that.