Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I should not be doing this. So little time!

I have been twitching like an drug addict since my last blog entry. I really do not know if there is a cure for this blogging disease. Right after I post a blog, I start thinking and begin creating my next. It's really annoying when you live your life deconstructing every situation in story form and whenever something funny happens you mentally note, "Blog that shit Chelsea." A little memo to self never hurt right? It's funny because I have been running into random people and they all have discovered this blog and are reading and having friends and family read my blog too. I'm so happy that ya'll are entertained and supporting me in this. It's fun to have an audience with my writing. Thank you.

It's finals week and I really shouldn't be doing this, but I've come to a conclusion on my college experience, mainly the Dixie State portion and I have to write this while it's fresh. I was brought to this conclusion by the magic of this blog. Now some might know me personally and know that I have a "loose tongue" and a "vicious mouth". This meaning that I don't really filter what I say to others too much. Some people are absolutely entertained by this characteristic, I'm guessing why that is why you keep reading this blog. Now I have a lot of friends and I'm assuming a lot of enemies because of this too. It's really a love or hate characteristic. I guess when I was in sunday school as a child and they said, "treat others as you would like to be treated", I took that little diddle to the extreme. I treat other's with unfiltered, unedited honesty and I expect that back. I also think I was trained to be this way by my family, you have to really love yourself to make it through a dinner at the Robinson house. Teasing is inevitable. 
So while at Dixie State, my authorities continued to add and enforce futile rules on me in order to show me who had control. Now by the time you are 22 years old, calling your coach that is like 5 years older than you and unprofessional by her first name (everyone called her that, it's her NAME), missing a class here or there, or saying "NO" when they are making you dance or do the worm for the entertainment of other's, just seems like that should be my right as an adult. Right? Well it wasn't. Jumping through hoops and being a puppet should be the definition of a college athlete... so a clown pretty much. Only here to entertain and please. Tah-Duh! 

Anyways, while at Dixie State, I became a free thinker. How scary is that for an athletic department! I was not longer an "athlete", in the sense that I thought for myself and realized that all the rules and regulations being put on me were actually pointless tools for tyranny. My soul purpose was to shoot a ball and score, and they thought it necessary my entire life should be controlled for that purpose alone. Little extreme. I KNOW! Especially since shooting a stupid basketball doesn't mean crap in the big picture some people like to call LIFE! Getting to my point. When I was at Dixie I became a English major by default. The history degree I was promised never existed and wasn't going too. Isn't that an awesome way to start off a trust between player,coach and establishment. I was shoved into the English classes and told to make it work. I couldn't remember the last time I wrote a paper. Are you kidding me! (Not knowing that English was actually my niche and eventually finding out that I absolutely love it, ya'll got lucky, and for that I sincerely say thank you, mean it.) Do you think my oppressors knew that teaching me to critical think and write might be their worst solution for controlling me? That's just a simple fact, knowledge is power baby! If they ever took education seriously while they were in college they might have learned in their basic history class that you never give someone you are trying to oppress simple reading and writing tools. That's just stupid. It's just gonna bite you in your fat ass down the road when you are overthrown and beheaded. Eventually my free thinking and assertiveness was tagged as my down fall and I was kicked off the team for freedom of speech... or in their defense, they might call it anarchy. It's a strange feeling, being feared for your securities. (It wasn't completely my mouth, I know I was still 2 credits short of eligibility because ya'll can't count my progress towards a degree worth shit, don't worry I'll take the fall to cover your ass, I'm a good friend) This blog was written because after continually hearing through many grapevines and gossip circles, I have found that it has been said, "Chelsea's mouth is her worst enemy." All I can say to that, is thanks for empowering me with the pen! Cause my speech and discourse are not an enemy, but my greatest tool! Thank you for that, mean it!


Coco said...

yeah...I've had the joyful experience of being teased at a Robinson dinner. I will NEVER say "massage your loins" around that family again.

Katrina and Jeff said...

Nothing like cuddling up next to a good chelsea blog. miss you, at least I have your blog to hold me tight at night.

kirkncali said...

Love ya Chels! I enjoy reading your blog. It was good to see you last week.

Erin and James said...

that is why many of us love you, because of your big unflitered mouth! you are hillarious and im glad you are writing this, because this will be my vacation away from work every day!