Monday, April 13, 2009

Howard, I think you've got a Cowgirl on your hands.

This weekend after a night of extreme dancing with our friends, Swopes and I woke up to hit the open road. She was making her way to CSI to watch the mighty Bruins slap stick in a friendly game of baseball, the great American past time of course. I was on my way to the farm to meet up with family and friends for my Grandmother's 86th Birthday bash. It's always a memorable experience to talk to my Grandma about what the hell is going on in my life. She always understands and has the best comments and straight forward criticism. Hilarious. Seriously though, 86 years old and not one similar thing our generations can share in common, but good conversation and friendship. I love my Grandma Dot. Even if she says that six (Thanks  D!) letter word that is no longer politically correct in any of the fifty states, when commenting on my overlarge Jordan basketball shorts I lounge in while playing catch up with her. I can talk to her for hours upon hours. Happy Birthday G-Dot. Love you doll.

It's funny to remember how much of a country girl I was when I was younger. Loved the dirt, farm life, shooting guns, riding dirt bikes and hanging out with my Dad. This trip I took a ride in our old Ford pick-up truck with Howie (my father). It was like old times, when I would sit in right next to him in the middle of his pick-up truck and admire him like he was some kind of super hero. I loved just shooting the shit and changing the water on our farm with my Pops. There is something about our families land, it has this affect on my Dad, he loves it so much and we have some of our best and most memorable conversations while driving around. He becomes my equal and my friend, not just an authority. It's been too long since I have felt that close to my Dad, I've missed it. 

This weekend was a very pivotal point in my life. It's hard to know what you want in life when you are being told what is right all the time, but you are questioning everything you are told. It is good to know now that my parents support my journey to find out what I want out of life. I don't know what it is, but they always know what's going on with me and have the best advice. Love you jokers. Missed you this weekend Kat.


Kat said...

Back on the farm, eh? Were you wearin' your full body camo like when you were little? I think you liked the farm so much because you could get SO dirty and never had to brush your hair - your golden dark blond curls turned into dred locks. You're a dur-tey girl!

Alicia said...

I think this post made me a little misty-eyed. Just the thought of you and your dad driving around the farm makes me feel happy. Is that weird? Oh well.
As for you and your camos... I don't think I have a single memory of you as a little kid without those things on.

Danielle said...

Not to be a know-it-all, but I believe the word N I G G E R has six letters in it. Unless of course, that is not the word to which you were referring.

And, that was one of my fav Saturday's of all time. Glad you showed up :)