Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Word Vomit

My life is words-
never at a loss.
That is;
until you.

Fumbling my words-
that is utterly absurd.
Utter and mumble,
I'm completely flustered.

You've captured my tongue,
leaving me numb.
Numb, as in: 

I'm closed.
You see through me.
Preoccupied in other things;
avoid real feeling.

Look you in the eyes?
No, to revealing.
Blindness and doubt keep me from jumping.
Your smile is hopeful-perfect-tempting.

Move slow;
your movement is too inviting.
You've got me hooked, 
without even casting a look.

Keep it shallow;
I'm emotionally fasting.
Don't get serious-
I just need your fix.

"Friends?", I say.
Good, this will last another day.


Kat said...

Good. Like it.

Cheltz said...

Kat! You finally commented on my poetry. Ha ha I know you hate poetry. Thanks Sis.