Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~A Few New Favorites~

10. Crystal Light Lemonade & White Grape. Freaking bomb and it is totally substituting my Coke addiction .

9. Dancing with my friends. "I just wanna dance", as Dane Cook would say. It's what we do.

8. Ogies  breakfast/brunch with my favorite girls and by far our favorite boy.

7. Watching all the Wes Anderson movies all over again with Chris. And making fun of him for not being cultured in Cinema. 

6. My work out & diet routine up and running again... literally running. Yum... Cottage cheese and peanut butter.

5. Conversations with Chip. Seriously amazing. EVERY TIME.

4.  Funny/serious/meaningful/incriminating text messages from a old friend I can't seem to get rid of. She's like herpes.

3. Kristin B. Lyons. Just her. Everything about her. Unless she is calling me "crazy". What's "normal" anyways?!?!

2. GIRL TALK. GIRL TALK. GIRL TALK. Best work out c.d. ever! KAT call me. I'll help you download it.

1. GRADUATION! Time for a new chapter in my life. Transitions can be the hardest times, but usually the best for me. I'm obsessed with change. So excited to see what will come for me in the next year.


Erin and James said...

you and me both for change, and i need some desperately! um crystal light lemonade is my fav too, but you need the rasberry lemonade...its heavenly!

Kat said...

ok I'm ready to download this GIRL TALK cd if you get the Jillian Micheals 30 day shred. Best work out ever!!!

L.Rob said...

Hey Chels sorry we can't be there, but know we are way happy for ya. Love ya