Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buying time.

I am at a transition period in my life... again, maybe this is just life. Shit. After graduating college, one is expected to find a job and start their adult/professional life. I'm in the process of doing that, but waiting has become my worst enemy. I HATE WAITING! I am stressing out. I feel like I did when I was waiting for basketball scholarships to come through when I was eighteen and completely oblivious to the physical and mental abuse that came with signing that ever so attractive athletic scholarship. Trickery. Waiting is the worst for me though, the stress is paralyzing. I just want next fall to be here. I need it.

As of now, I'm bored of my current employment, as most people probably are in our economy. Where are all the jobs that bring you a fulfilling day, and continue sending you home happier with yourself and how you have spent your time? WHERE ARE THEY? I have one of these fulfilling jobs that will start next fall. Not sure what that job will be completely, but I have one. The problem is... what do I want to do June, July and August? I need money, but I don't want to dread my everyday like I am right now. Finding work is probably one of my least favorite obstacles in life, well that and finding a mate! Both seem to be more work than what they are worth in the end. The problem is, the only jobs that seem available to anyone are part-time retail and food industry jobs. Gross. How sad is our economy right now, it's pathetic. I am extremely frustrated. All those people who use the side of the brain that I don't use, you know the math side and logical side, not the artistic, abstract side. Yeah, they need to bring their "A" game and get the ball rolling financially for this country.

You know what the most annoying thing to me is, when you go to apply online for one of these bull shit jobs that high school students should have, not college graduates, and the company or organization you are applying for actually puts these applications under the link titled "careers"... career my ass. If they are going to use trickery and actually make you believe their is a career on the other end of that application, they should legally be forced to add under their company goals, drive employees clinically insane. I need a need a new job for the next three months. Can you tell? I'm going insane.


Danielle said...

What? Nobody pays for a full time Bull-Shitter anymore?

Get off your BUTT and go get job. Hell, I have 2. The catch is, nobody gives away money anymore, you might ACTUALLY have to WORK at some of these places.

Good luck :)

Or, you could just keep sittin' around....thinking of do LESS.

Erin and James said...

i hate work...ugh. don't even get me started! you would think being a college grad you could get a good job...ya prove that I'll let you know that my husband has a side job working at gap part time with high school kids...what the crap!

Kaydee said...

Chels you can come to Oakley and be my nanny and my housecleaner. Ha Ha LOL!!! Just kidding, you think it sucks now, but if you did that you would really want to die!!!

It was fun hanging out with you and your family last weekend. Love ya by!

Mary Martha said...

What was abusive about college bball? Did I miss sometime?