Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Artist

Can you see me in color?
Or is your vision just as skewed.
Decisions are black and white-
isn't that how it has always been viewed-
trained to see only in shades.
Where is the color?
Make time for this change-
Stop, and notice.
White is only your canvas-
black simply the guidelines.
Color is the personality-style-soul-mine
Know you paint your own picture-
and it's absolutely beautiful.
Too inspired to be bias or blind.
Am I broken?- I'm finally seeing in color.
They're so vibrant and clever.
Your colors drown my ignorance.
Completely capturing my vision-
my artist, my wisdom.
Now that I see you-
I'll never misuse or abuse you.
Honest in my portrayal-
will you keep me?
Filling in my lines;
and covering my canvas.
I'll catch your colorful eyes-
like you've captured mine.
My Artist.

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