Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poetry Attempt... Don't judge, I'm a beginner

What's happened to me?
Has there ever been me?
For years I couldn't see;
what has built and created me.

Seeing life with a disconnection.
Have I ever had my own perception?
Using paths of deconstruction-
making an unnatural connection.

Starting with a new foundation-
my thoughts are moving in formation.
Progression thought to have forward motion;
but no one is moving in the same direction.

No words for my belief regression;
only revelation of personal progression.

-Chelsea Robinson


Dorothy said...

Seriously Sweets your amazing!!! Your a dang good writer. I don't think anyone will judge. Love your face!

Alicia said...

I really like this Chels!! You are really talented... this feels really fluid. I love your rhythm.

Erin and James said...

look at you writing poetry. for some reason, probably cause i just watched it, it made me think of moulin rouge and his "poetry reading" yooowza! you are amazing crob!

Jen said...

I LOVE that I get to read these before everyone else. DON'T LEAVE ME IN UTAH COUNTY!!!!

On another note... your last blog about words. Interesting, but I still maintain that words are neutral. It's the meanings that we each individually give them that create context and depth. Hence, because one person's meaning of "love" is different from anothers, you will always have a gap wherein language only imitates who we are and who we want others to pecieve us as.

All that being said tho... I do entirely love you. You are a stellar friend and someone I admire very deeply.