Sunday, January 4, 2009

End to Writers Block

It has been forever since I've posted a blog. I know, I'm sorry. For those of you that actually follow this nonsense, forgive me. I've had an incredible case of writers block that has driven me to the more poetic side of Chelsea. Which is scary, my mood has changed and I see the world like a disturbed non-social literary student. I thought about posting some of my poetry, but not everyone enjoys poetry, especially shitty poetry. I'll spare you.

Things have been crazy lately. I'm not absolutely sure, but I'm PRETTY sure that my father, A.K.A. Howie Dutch, cut me of financially today when I got home from snowboarding and I asked him yet again for some rent money. I think his exact words were, "Last time Chels. Time to start acting like a 23 year old." My main argument is, if you were to subtract the years of "real life" paralyzing college basketball, which is four years, that really only makes me 19 in the real world. I am like a baby! Making me financially retarded. It's a good thing basketball taught me to bust through walls and never give up... wait... I quit two teams and got kicked off one. What did it teach me?!?! The "RENTS" better make room, moving back home might be inevitable. 

For those of you who have worked an eight dollar an hour job, you might relate to this next glimpse of my life. I've come to the realization that my job could be the most frustrating thing for me to wrap my mind around. I actually came to the understanding that my job consists of cleaning up after adults. I work at a sporting goods store, Sports Authority to be exact. "Dedicated to the Dedicated" is our motto. I am NOT "Dedicated to the Dedicated". I'd say 97.5% of our customers are adults. They have NO shopping etiquette!!! I clean up after adults day after day for eight dollars an hour. The apparel pad of our store is like 40% percent of the store. For eight dollars an hour I am suppose to keep that much of our entire store clean and presentable. Seems easy enough being that adults should know how to clean up after themselves, especially in public places. WRONG! And women are the worst! I'm asking readers to start shopping like an actual adult. Shopping etiquette is not an illusion, it exists... USE IT!
To top of my Sports Authority experience, I have a story. My friend and roommate, T.R.E. came into visit me. We get two fifteen minute breaks. I decide to take my break and join her in the food court. Well my management has trouble functioning without me there to clean and open the fitting room, two things they are more than capable of doing themselves for fifteen minutes. They couldn't find me or cope with the fact that I was gone, so they got pissed. It was a really busy night at the store, but don't worry they had time to go watch the film and mark down exactly when I left and came back from my break. Eight minutes over the fifteen! MY BAD. That's not the best part though, this is the kicker, they actually made me sign a paper taking that eight minutes away from my hours for this coming pay period. I'm not great, or even good at math, but they might have saved themselves a dollar or less. They need a promotion! While they were in the back hundreds of dollars of goods were quite possibly stolen, but they saved that 79 cents off my pay check!!!

Sometimes I think my life is make believe and at any moment I will finally wake-up. This is not the case, this is it, my life. Change is needed and confidence is back. The last couple months of my life have been some of my best and worst. Growing and stretching as a person is an amazing phenomenon we all experience. I still can't believe how much we can develop and push ourselves. People seem to be our best and our worst possessions. Finding the ones who are genuine and real is the biggest gift in life. To find a couple real friends makes a life successful. I'm thankful for my friends that live up to this description. Love you guys.


Kat said...

Yes, a post - finally. You have on thing right about TRUE friends, and once you find them you never let go. Thanks for being one of those true friends in my life. I've always believed you need/deserve more of them in yours.

Keep fighting the fight Chels. Someday you'll look back and miss these years.

Hit the mountain for me. I'll just tear it up with Shaun White on my Wii here in So Cal :(

Erin and James said...

amen to your last paragraph. It really amazes me when I hear people say "I can't do that" and whine and complain, because through james, I have come to realize that people can basically do anything if they push themselves hard enough, most are just super lazy! and ya, you should get a new job...working retail is a beyotch!