Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Therapy... We all need it

Numbness fills my every thought.
Hidden by a smile-my inability to feel.

You were there to keep my unstable mind still.
You're not a sip, syringe, or pill.

My eyes have been opened and unpeeled.
All addicts become incapable to feel.

So what'd I feel? High-Content-Real?
God, I hate rhyming- I need a thought to mess up my timing.

I'm too numb to think freely-
Trapped without passions or feeling- Why'd you leave me?

You were always reliable to sort out my insecurities.
Thoughts become words-sentences-theory.

I feel manic-highest to my lowest in an instant,
why can't you just be consistent!

Believing thoughts, words and people-
our hearts the only honest speaker.

One day I'll be free of my indecision.
Even if the cut off isn't my decision.

I'll always be true to how I feel-
Promise- Promise: My writing will heal.

-Chelsea Robinson

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